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Fiat 500e Diffuser

Extend your Fiat 500e range whilst giving it a sexy back with this diffuser specially designed for the 500e. No need to modify your car, it adds on in 15 minutes to existing hardware. 

Studies have shown that the optimum angle that maximizes the performance of diffuser is found to be between 12 and 16 degree. Unfortunately in an effort to cut down on production cost, Fiat neglected to include a custom diffuser on the 500e, reducing its theoretical maximum range capability.

Fortunately you can now install this specially made diffuser which will provide a continuous flat surface that covers the cavity left by the removal of the gas tank behind the rear bumper, similar to what is found on most reputable EVs (Tesla, BMW I3, Audi eTron, Nissan Leaf, etc.).

This installation follows the natural geometry of the 500e rear end which is, at around 12 and 13 degree, very close to optimal angle. At 13 degree, the EV Upgrades diffuser will increase your range, provide a quieter ride, offering best characteristics for drag reduction, whilst optimizing down force.

With this diffuser, you can improve your total range between 5% and 7%, depending on operating conditions and your driving habits. It is robust and maintenance free.